Sartor Amadeus

Amadeus- KNN registered imported Danish Knabstrupper colt- future stud stallion as a 4 year old in South Africa.

NAME: Sartors Amadeus

REGISTRATION Nr. 208333KN1003975 Dk Knab.

DATE OF BIRTH :30 06 2010

SIRE :Upal V. Norholm KNN 177

DAM :Nicole KNN 2117

HEIGHT : 160 cm TO MATURE AT 17 0cm

COLOUR :Black Leopard


Amadeus is a very purebred black leopard Knabstrupper with some of the best Danish and German Knabstrupper lineage of all times and a solid foundation of warmblood lineage further back in his pedigree. He has the added bonus of very strong colour-producing lines and a strong tendency towards leopards and black-based colour. Amadeus looks slightly more like the typical Baroque Knabstrupper due to his pure Knabstrupper lineage. He has more pronounced facial structures and is a bigger-boned horse overall, features that are so typically associated with the more classical type Knabstrupper, but at the same time he shows great athletic ability and height. Of course his most impressive attribute is his typical Knabstrupper character that reminds me of the historical Knabstrupper legends like Hugin. The description that Bent gave of Hugin is so typically that of Amadeus and the name could not have been better chosen for this boy. Amadeus is the definition of confidence and presence with great calmness that surrounds him. This would surely make one of the most influential Knabstrupper stallions in world when of age. Amadeus will be presented at the KNN performance testing for full licensing when he is of riding age. His full sister is based in Switzerland and owned by Anita Olsen, also the owner of dressage stallion Xquisite Middelsom.

Amadeus is currently in a classical dressage training program with Sandy Biggs. Keep your eye on our Facebook Page for progress!