Sartor Pashmina



REGISTRATION Nr. 208333200900985 DK. LU

DATE OF BIRTH :15 04 2009

SIRE :Sir Donnerhall DE433330038601

DAM :Ameline 208333KN0401502 DK Knab.

HEIGHT :165 cm to mature at 173 cm

COLOUR :Chestnut Leopard


Pashmina was bought from Sartor Stud soon after her sister, Danish Design. She has combined age-old valuable Knabstrupper lineage from her dam’s side with ultra modern performance lineage from her sire’s side. Pashmina is the result of excellent performance breeding coated delicately with chestnuts spots all over. Pashmina is a very extravagant mover with great agility with lateral movements that comes naturally. Pashmina has a balanced uphill build, a magnificent top line and that most perfect Knabstrupper temperament with an absolute doll face. She will definitely excel in dressage with great talent and attitude. Danish and Pashmina share the same sire, the great Sir Donnerhall. Sir Donnerhall is one of the stallions with the highest breeding value with a very high reliability for dressage horses in the world and is known for his own performance record and that of his offspring. His foals are VERY highly rated by higher grade riders and top breeders on a international scale and to own one is an utmost privilege not to mention two!

Pashmina has recently been backed and is absolutely a pleasure to work with. Only now one can truly appreciate a genetic ride ability component! She is a quick learner with a positive attitude towards working. Photos and video clips of this talented young filly will soon be available on this website!