As my quest for information regarding the Knabstrupper breed began I read numerous valuable insights from many Knabstrupper enthusiasts all over the world. Only then I realised that this breed is much more than just fancy colour. Not only does this breed show great athleticism competing at top-level dressage and jumping, but character is one of the greatest assets this breed has to offer, together with a very high level of intelligence, nobility and stamina. Bent Branderup, the gifted classical dressage rider, said the following about the Knabstruppers, “I wanted a horse that was not like any other horse. I wanted a Knabstrupper. And every owner of a Knabstrupper knows that no two of these horses are alike. Every one of them is unique.” Bent and his horse can be viewed on the following video clips.

Clip 1 

This will surely give a good illustration and a better understanding of this majestic breed.  Another Knabstrupper that caught my eye was the famous Zanko, a Knabstrupper stallion also registered as a Danish warmblood that achieved multiple gold medallions at the World Para-dressage Championships in Athens under the guidance of his Norwegian rider Anne Lubbe.

The breed is well managed by The Knabstrupper Foreningen of Denmark that allows the breed to sustain a high breeding standard that adds to the breed’s ongoing success. The Knabstrupper Forenigen of Denmark (KNN) was formed in 1971 and travels the globe to accommodate grading and performance testing for Knabstruppers. The KNN serves as the mother registry for Knabstruppers in the world and horses approved by the KNN will receive the prestigious “K” branding. However, due to recent EU welfare regulations approved young stock will only receive a microchip and valid passport when licensed in the EU. Stallions need to take part in performance testing in order to obtain full licensing. Mares can also take part in this performance testing or normal grading. Today we also find other large societies incorporating Knabstrupper registries such as the ZfdP, RPSI and AKA that helps promoting the breed.

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