Figaro Af Hallundbaek

The famous Figaro Af Halundbaek, stallion at stud! Black leopard, 16.2hands, KNN registered and licensed lifetime approved Knabstrupper.

NAME: Figaro af Hallundbaek

REGISTRATION Nr. 9803352 KNN 147.

DATE OF BIRTH :07 06 1998

SIRE :Rasmus af Hallundbaek KNN 119

DAM :Flicka KNN 1597

HEIGHT : 167.24 cm or 16.2hands

COLOUR :Black Leopard


Figaro, not just a pretty face, but has been proven internationally as a PERFORMANCE INDIVIDUAL AND PERFORMANCE SIRE!

He is a very tall and elegant but powerful horse with charisma observed even from a distance. We saw him in Denmark in 2010, and we just new this was a future dream horse of ours. Although at that stage impossible to afford, we knew that one day we shall own him … That has now become a reality. Figaro is the most perfect stallion with his loud exterior, adorable doll-like face with soft eyes and a very kind nature. However, he is not just a pretty face. Figaro was awarded a lifetime licensing from the KNN (Knabstrupper foreningen af Danmark) during his performance testing in Vilemsborg in 2002. This is a very rigorous test that includes several tests such as conformation evaluation, dressage and jumping tests, endurance ability, willingness to work and temperament.

He obtained the following marks making him one of the highest scoring stallions in that year:

Overall: 741

Dressage: 7-7-8-7

Jumping: 8-6-7-7

Endurance: 10

Willingness to work: 10

Temperament: 10

Figaro was also the highest scoring purebred stallion at the KNN Jubilee Show in 2001, where judges commented that he is “an elegant and particularly important stallion for the Knabstrupper breed”.

Not many of the Knabstruppers we see today have successfully completed their KNN performance testing. Although we only have about 35 stallions in the world with this prestigious award, Figaro af Hallunbaek is the sire of more than 11% of them as given by the 2012 international KNN stallion list. This has not been achieved by any other stallion up to date, making Figaro not only a top-producer of performance horses, but also of horses with loud exterior colour. Most of them, more than 85%, are true leopards.

Stallions sired by Figaro who achieved this award:

Ejstrups Sirocco KNN 207 with an overall score of 792.86

Sartors Battle of Hastings KNN 197 (749)

Sartors Combat Warrior II KNN 209 (770.36)

Sheik af Hallundbaek KNN 202 (786.67)

Figaro is also a half-sibling to two of the approved lifetime licensed stallions on the 2012 list as given by the official KNN namely:

Alladin af Hallundbaek KNN145

Ravaldi KNN 142

Other notable approved stallions by Figaro include:

Morpheus G, APPROVED stud stallion, standing in the United States; he passed his approval with AWS in 2005 and RPSI in August 2006.

Sartor’s Victory, APPROVED stud stallion, standing at stutteri-ml in Norway.


Lori’s Flash Point af Lyn, APPROVED stud stallion, standing in Australia at Cayuse stud. Flash Point has been proven to uphold the performance name by scoring an overall 8 out of 10 at the German championships as a youngster.

More photos of his offspring will be available for viewing on Figaro’s gallery page and more will follow. We have big future plans for this boy in South Africa, both as stud stallion and competitive riding. Although he is a more mature horse we would like him to enjoy his years in SA and be known as a legend, as he is known by horse enthusiasts all over the world who has met him or owns a sibling, half-sibling or progeny by him.

We consider Figaro as a VERY valuable asset not only to us, but to SA. We consider ourselves honored and blessed to know a horse like this for no one can truly own a majestic animal like Figaro.