Sire Info: Rasmus af Hallundbaek

(KNN 119)

1985 Dk Knab  163 cm

Rasmus af Hallundbaek, Ramus af Halluandbaek, lifetime approved black leopard Knabstrupper stallion, KNN 119, standing at 163 cm. Rasmus, a remarkable founding Knabstrupper stallion with a performance record and sire of many performance horses. Rasmus af Hallundbaek did not only ace his own performance test but showed great breeding ability as well. He has forward moving, athletic and fluid paces with a broad chest, a well-muscled neck with a natural top line and good bone structure. With his fantastic Knabstrupper temperament he is ridden in both dressage and showjumping. He has been frequently ridden by a 12-year-old rider. He is the sire of many famous sires that include Figaro af Hallundbaek, superoir equine sire with a rideability of 10, the gorgeous Aladdin, Boleo and Ravaldi, the sire of many international competing horses and of Holmgards Bastian, winner of Best Stallion at the UK 2007 KNN Grading, as well as Lucas Nørmark (Now owned by the Lee Pearson Trust) and Amadeus Normark, KNN winner that needs no introduction. Rasmus’s sire, Rasmus of Damgard KNN 67, also a well known founding sire in the Knabstrupper breed that sired Don Ibrahim that sired Xantos. Xantos, a name worth remembering forever, he produced multiple up to date champions including the famous Olympic dressage star Zanko.

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Dame Info: Flicka (KNN 1597)

1985 Dk Knab 163 cm

Flicka, KNN 1597 black leopard Knabstrupper mare standing at 163 cm. Substantial mare and producer of high quality offspring. Approved and registered with the Knabstrupper foreningen af Danmark. Her lineage goes back to some of the original Knabstruppers that include that of Klaus KNN 47.