Stallion at stud: Figaro Af Hallundbaek KKN lifetime approved

Ridden by M.Smith 2013

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Stallions at THE MAJESTIC KNABSTRUPPER STUD includes well known Figaro af Hallundbaek and Sartor Amadeus!

Figaro is a VERY well known proven KNN lifetime approved Knabstrupper stallion that has produced multiple champions up to date all around the globe. Read more about this special stallion on his page.

Amadeus registered KNN colt, was bought at a few weeks after birth from the Sartor stud because of his very special German as well as Danish lineage and incredible qualities as a future stud stallion. This young colt is a very purebred Knabstrupper that comes from a spectacular jumping sire.  Definitely a colt worth waiting for and like the saying goes good things come to those that wait!

He will be backed and schooled within the next 2 years where he will take part in the International KNN inspections for stallions in order to obtain a International KNN breeding license.